Mars Sortie small 4ply

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Mars Sortie small 4ply

Here it is a fantastic 4-player shooting simulator … with a much smaller aesthetic than the previous version, but which is even more exceptional in terms of technology:

MARS SORTIE small 4ply. With a wide range of scenarios available to the player (on a ship, in the streets of a city, in the middle of an alien invasion) the player, using a rifle, must try to take down as many enemies as possible, within a certain time limit, to earn points. During the game, it is possible to collect more powerful firearms, such as the bazooka, miter or grenades. You can play alone or up to 4-players, for an exciting all-against-all challenge and see which of them is a real “sniper” (at the end of each game, the ranking of the points earned by each player appears.) For the traveling show, the version with the supply of tickets corresponding to the points made is also available.

A special camera also incorporates the image of each individual player, for an even more compelling competition, while a high definition screen makes the video look like a real movie. Another important innovation is the use of a rifle which is the exact reproduction of a weapon used in the navy , with a “reload” effect realized by a special compressor. The precision of shooting is given by a particular sensor that covers all the points of the screen, thus making the race also a game of high quality ecisione.

Dimensions: 190 x 245 x 250 cm (h)

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