Swing Next

Swing Next is the new compact winning changer with noteworthy performances.

Suitable for any type of environment, thanks to its small size, Swing Next is unrivaled in terms of reliability and safety.

Technologically advanced, it is the ideal answer to every type of requirement: in a small space, in fact, it performs all the normal functions of a change of winnings, guaranteeing a high speed of validation and counting (4 coins per second) and great ease of use and maintenance.

Equipped with a refill key for access to the external menu, it allows you to perform automatic refill, view the accounts and disable, if necessary, the dispensing of banknotes without opening the money access door.

Simple to program on the machine through the internal menu (can be activated with the appropriate button located inside the door), it also allows the import, or export, of configuration data via SD Card.

Lastly, Swing Next has a high degree of security against burglary or tampering attempts: the newly designed cabinet, the locking mechanisms with 12 attachment points and the high-security side lock make it strong and robust in any context.

Dimensions: cm 28 x 48 x 160 (h)

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