Explosive-2Player-800px-png24-800x800-1-e1594894539197 Explosive


pegi-7 Explosive

In the wake of the success of POP IT X-TREME 8.5, Benchmark has designed a 2 player game: EXPLOSIVE. A light rotates quickly, clockwise, on a circular crown, gradually turning on small sectors; the player must stop this light at the lowest point, called “Instant Pop“. If he succeeds, a beautiful compressor with opposing pistons will inflate a balloon until it “touch” the teeth of a circular saw, which is located on the bottom of the game, and which will blow it up. The joint action of inflating the balloon and its approach, slowly but inexorably, towards the colorful circular saw, combined with “thriller” music, creates the player an unparalleled “pathos”, pushing him to repeat the game until burst the next balloon and so on. Another reward for the player who blows up the balloon first is the Explosive Bonus win!

Dimensions: 196 x 104 x 226 cm (h)