Willy Crash Jr

Willy Crash is now available in a smaller size! Try the same game as the original Willy Crash, only with a smaller cabinet and a 32″ screen. Willy Crash “Jr” is one meter and a half narrower, 25cm lower and almost 30cm shorter than the original version. The software and the lever are the same, thus maintaining the same player experience, but allowing you to adapt the game to less impressive locations! Push the lever down to detonate the cannon, launching Willy into a 3D cityscape. Aim for the tops of the buildings to earn the most points and watch Willy console you for the missed Bonus with the limbs in plaster … or go wild in a lively dance to celebrate the achievement of the Bonus!
Can losing be as much fun as winning? Yes, it is possible … but only with Willy Crash!

Dimensions: cm 88 x 120 x 205 (h)