Deadstorm Pirates DX

Deadstorm Pirates DX

Deadstorm Pirates is a 2 player shooting game. The DX version is equipped with a mobile platform that moves the player’s seat during the game. Players take on the role of a pirate and must defeat their enemies with weapons such as machine guns and cannons. The game can be played by one or two players in a cooperative manner. When the game is played by two players, firing at the same target produces a more powerful shot. At the center of the control panel is a ship’s rudder that is used to change the direction of the ship during certain sections of the game. There are 4 stages to play through each with a variety of unique features, with the player able to select which level they would like to play. The stages are “Stormy Sea”, “Mountain Rapids”, “Forbidden Cave” and “Giant Whirlpool”. The DX version also has a red switch on the control panel that serves as an emergency stop for the movement platform, if the player chooses to stop the movement during the game.

Dimensions: 241 x 162 x 228(h)

 Weight: 730kg

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