Surfin-Surfari Surfin’ Surfari

Surfin’ Surfari

 Surfin ‘Surfari is an electromechanical Ticket Redemption of video skill, very captivating, nice and suitable for everyone, young and old.
 The structure consists of a console, with a surfboard fixed to the wooden base and a Start button, and a vertical plane formed by a 43 ” monitor and a head that contains the display of the Bonus tickets.
 The player insert a coin or token, to get the credit; using the board as directional arrows, select the surfer with whom you want to try your hand and confirm with the Start button to start the game.
 The aim of the game is to try to “catch the wave”, using their body to move forward / backward / right / left, to collect sea creatures, chests and other objects, thus obtaining more and more points and extra game time.
 If the player is able to reach or exceed the high score present in the upper part of the monitor, the quantity of tickets present on the display of the newspaper wins.