Chips Counter


In moments of crisis really felt on all the Italian arcades at the sea, devices like MISTRAL, WIZARD OF OZ, BLACKBEARD BOUNTY and TICKET CIRCUS have made the difference and have saved the season for all the operators who believed and invested in such games. The only “problem” was, however, the counting of tickets, chips and cards that are delivered simultaneously by these devices. To overcome this (and keep costs to a minimum), the Technical Staff of the ELMAC has designed and produced the CHIPS COUNTER, an automatic device to be physically and electronically connected to the well-known Galileo PRO Ticket Eater, in order to take advantage of the printer , the card reader and the display, all already present in the Ticket Eater.

The device works as follows:

1) The colors (up to 8) of the chips you intend to use are stored,

2) The chips are inserted into the door; when it is closed, the special hopper is automatically activated with color recognizer

3) The machine counts and splits the chips (in two different drawers). Chips with a different color from those stored in the memory, end up in the “chips return” drawer.

4) The total points are then printed on a receipt issued by the Galileo PRO-Ticket Eater.

5) If the Ticket Eater and the Chips Count are connected to the ELMAC Management Kit, the total points can also be stored in the Customer’s loyalty card.

Dimensions: cm 16 x 28 x 151 (h)

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