ufo-attack UFO Attack

UFO Attack

pegi-7 UFO Attack

Who doesn’t remember the video game of the Taito Puzzle Bobble released in the nineties? This famous game is the source of inspiration for the new Ticket Redemption, UFO Attack. The game, as exciting as a few others, starts with the player who presses the button to physically drop a ball into one of the six loopholes in the game plan, assuming the color of the hole from which it entered. From here the game continues on the monitor, with the ball becoming ‘virtual’ and going to fall next to other balls of different or equal color, in the last case the marbles burst by activating ‘Combo’ which entitle to extra ticket. The game has multiple levels and various mechanisms, through which the player’s combos can increase. If he succeeds in obtaining seven, he enters the final stage, where by overcoming various “aliens” that act as obstacles, he can try to drop the ball into the hole containing the Jackpot, thus earning all the tickets up for grabs.

Dimensioni: cm 102 x 127 x 270 (h)

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