roll-a-ball Roll A Ball

Roll a Ball

Roll-A-Ball is a classic alley style game with an interactive video screen to provide enhance in-game features and sounds. The holographic reflective projection allows for enhanced gameplay features, integrating virtual with reality for a wholly immersive experience.

To become a Roll-A-Ball champion, players must roll balls up an inclined lane, over a hump, and land them in one of the holes within the rings. Points are awarded depending on the difficulty of the target, with the hardest to hit holes providing the best rewards.

It takes skill and accuracy to be the top Roll-A-Ball player, and to reach the enticing mega bonus. The more points accumulated, the bigger the chance of progressing to the next level for the chance to win the big prize.

Roll-A-Ball is presented in a modern and attractive cabinet, with LED lighting and vibrant graphics to enhance appearance and gameplay. Combined with the attractive top box sign, which displays players scores and in-game features, its an eye catcher in any venue.

Roll-A-Ball is available in a twin cabinet with two lanes so players and families can play together.

The more accurate you are, the more points you can win, including the Super Bonus.