Prize Hub Modular


An innovative automatic distributor of prizes, gadgets and various objects, produced by Bay-Tek and, certainly, the most flexible and useful tool for a modern, easy, cheap and fun ticket management. Refund: this is the HUB MODULAR AWARD.

Tickets Received by the Redemption are counted by the Mangia-Ticket Galileo PRO and printed on paper receipts, or booked on the loyalty card. In both cases, the optical reader located in the management section of the Hub Award reads the bar code of the screens or loyalty cards and, on the monitor screen, the customer’s points are updated. of the prizes displayed in the windows and, following the clear instructions on the screen and the vocal suggestions, obtained the favorite gadget.

At the end of the operation, the printer releases a receipt with the event rest of points, or the points of the loyalty card.

A great advantage of this device derives from the fact that the customer can proceed to the choice of the desired premium, totally in “self-service” mode, therefore without having to continuously contact the Operator.

The Modular Hub Award consists of 4 sections :

Main (Section where you can read the receipts and loyalty cards)

Spindle (section divided into 4 compartments where the small premiere is inserted)

Capsule (section divided into 3 compartments where it is inserted before larger ones)

Locker (section divided into 5 compartments , each with its own opening, where it fits first with the highest value)


Dimensions: cm 240 x 86 x 269 (h)

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