Since 2005, ELMAC has therefore designed and built a device UNIVERSAL, independent of the type of score and machine used, which allows the delivery of a specific number of tickets for each frame played and for each strike made, called WinBowling. At the end of the game the player will then find himself with a certain number of tickets won and will certainly be encouraged to play also on Ticket Redemptions to get more valuable prizes. Tickets won are counted by the Galileo Mangiaticket that issues a receipt or uploads them to the appropriate Fidelity Card that the player has received from the local merchant.

The WinBowling consists of a special metal container and is used for each pair of tracks. It contains two ticket dispensers, two mechanical counters, an electric key, a microprocessor board, two red and one green led. It is generally fixed on the floor or on the command consoles and it is sufficient to pass 2 6-wire cables, from the scoreboards to the WinBowling fixing point, to carry out the complete installation.

– The counters indicate the number of tickets issued for each runway.

– The electric key is used to activate (green LED on) or disable the WinBowling depending on the commercial strategies chosen by the manager (for example excluding it during tournaments or team training, etc.).

– Winnings can be programmed as desired : for example 2 tickets each frame and 10 tickets for each strike.

– The red LEDs indicate when the tickets are finished; the capacity is 4000 tickets per track.

The main advantages of this device are:

a) Acquisition of new customers for the Prize Operation. In fact, bowling players normally play 2-3 games, drink a beer and leave home, neglecting the other attractions of bowling. So, instead, having physically in hand some tickets, they are intrigued by this novelty and are ” forced ”to discover the Ticket Redemption department with the relative loyalty to the local through magnetic cards that allow the collection of points)

b)The ease of installation on all bowling models, regardless of the management software and the mechanics of operation.

c) The final subdivision of the tickets among the players of a single track is further reason for socialization between them; for example, the boyfriend who gives tickets to his girlfriend, etc.

d) Easy exclusion of tickets, in the case of tournaments or use of tracks by professional teams, schools, etc.) C

hecking the percentage of tickets generated by WinBowling and “spent” in the Prizes Operation. In fact, through the Galileo PRO Ticket Eater and the ELMAC Management Kit it is possible to recognize and memorize the tickets provided by WinBowling compared to those distributed by the Ticket Redemption; this is done by equipping the WinBowlings with a barcode different from the one present on the Redemption tickets.

Dimensions: cm 17 x 36 x 61 (h)

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