The ELMAC Group has been involved for 37 years in production, marketing and management of automatic and semi-automatic entertainment equipment. It consists of 3 companies, each integrated in a particular sector of activity.

thomas-1 About us

Thomas srl

It mainly carries out real estate activities for rent/sale of premises used for public businesses, villas and apartments in tourist locations. It manages and distributes 4D Cinemas in Europe.

elmac About us

Elmac II srl

The company, born in 1982, deals with the design, production and repair of Videogames, Ticket Redemption, electronic accessories for the same, laser games, computerized systems for data collection, etc.. Moreover, it deals with the management and rent of games on bars and arcades. It is located in two adjacent warehouses with a wide range of new equipment and a large warehouse of used and reconditioned equipments.


aj About us

A.J. snc

It deals with the creation of application software for the management of Videogames, the creation of technical and advertising files, the keeping of accounting books and transport for third parties.