Coinless System

1-300x233 Coinless System

GALILEO Management System (WinMt SQL)
allows to all coin-operated machines to be activated with a “contact-less card”,
avoiding the use of coins, banknotes and tokens.

This is the suggestion also given by all the Health Authorities in the world, just to reduce or eliminate the “COVID-19 risk” in recreational facilities.

The ELMAC GALILEO “COINLESS” has the following main features:

2-768x390 Coinless System
3-768x389 Coinless System
  • Use of WiFi, for greater freedom in handling games;
  • Instant control of COIN-IN and PAY-OUT, with data transmission to the Central PC and to the Head Quarter (HQ software), for monitoring the location also in remote;
  • Total Data Base security by saving them on Local Server and Cloud Server;
  • If the WiFi connection shut down, the system remains active because credits and tickets are stored also in the internal chip of the card.
4-1024x636 Coinless System

When the WiFi connection returns, the data contained in the card will be realigned with those of the System;

  • If required, the games can be run simultaneously with coins / tokens and cards;
  • It is possible to manage time-operated equipment with application of different hourly costs;
  • The bookkeeping shows separately coins and e-coins, in order to have an accurate and tracked control of all the income;
5-1024x91 Coinless System
  • Possibility to introduce Happy Hours and Birthdays Bonus in multiple forms;
  • The installation / configuration parameters of a new machine, or their modification, can be done REMOTELY, through the HQ application;
7 Coinless System
  • Ticket Redemptions can give “paper tickets” or e-tickets (with great savings in time and paper);
8-e1706524852603 Coinless System
  • The system allows maximum safety against possible fraud or scams.
    If the Galileo COINLESS Internal Board is disconnected from the wiring, the game automatically stops because it does not accept credits or issue tickets
  • The transparent boxes that contain the receiver / transmitter allow the internal LEDs to “alert” customers if the system is active or not. In addition, they are perfectly watertight, so they can also be used in outdoor parks
9-300x242 Coinless System
  • The check of the remaining credits and the points accumulated by the customer can be done at the cash-desk, on the Totem, on the Ticket Eater, on the “check balance” reader and on each reader when a credit is inserted into the game;

ELMAC GALILEO “COINLESS” System offers the possibility of using the Galileo TOTEM ECL, which allows the customer to carry out many operations in complete autonomy, including:

10 Coinless System
  • Distribution of new “ready-to-use” cards;
  • Cards refill with coins, banknotes or credit cards;
  • Through the touch-screen monitor, you can see all the prizes present in the location and choose one or more of these, ask for the paper list of the prizes and deduct the points from the card. In this way, delivering the prizes is much easy and fast.
  • View on the monitor of the credits played and tickets won in the current day on the various games;
  • If particular machines require to operate with tokens, you can use the credits on the cards to get the desired tokens.

These are examples of installations that we have already done:

11 Coinless System