recycaps-768x1659-1-e1645698561970 RecyCaps


  • Power supply (230VAC – 0.5A)
  • Rotating bucket with motor and position sensors
  • Optical recognition system for objects to be recycled
  • Control board with sound sub-system
  • Introduction door locked with machine off or in alarm
  • Led lighting for signaling status and attraction
  • Ticket dispenser to reward the customer who recycles
  • Electromechanical counter of the tickets delivered
  • Bag for the collection of the capsules to be recycled
  • Drawer for the collection of any unidentified objects
  • Cabinet with structure in aluminum profiles closed with polycarbonate and PVC panels, 2 front doors

Dimensions: 56 x 48 x172(h) cm




When turned on, the machine is locked (flashing red light and door locked) for about 90 seconds, the start time of the optical recognition sub-system.


After this time, the door is unlocked, the white LEDs that illuminate the bucket flash as well as the RGB LEDs: it means the machine is waiting for the introduction of an object.


When the door is opened, an audio (customizable) is activated, which invites the customer to insert an empty capsule.


When the door is closed again, it locks to prevent it from being reopened and optical recognition of the inserted object is started.


In the event of successful recognition, a (customizable) “thank you” message is issued, the bucket rotates anti-clockwise to unload the capsule into the collection bag and the tickets are dispensed in a number corresponding to what is set on the control; the bucket then returns to its initial position and the door is unlocked.


If the inserted object does not correspond to the set ones, the bucket locks and the light on the door turns flashing red. An audio message (customizable) warns the customer of what happened, asking the player to remove the unrecognized object, the door is then unlocked.