The Fantawild 4D Theater allows the projection of three-dimensional videos that offer the viewer, by optical illusion, the feeling of being in the center of the action. To get the maximum performance of the three-dimensional effect, the Fantawild 4D Theater uses a particular type of polarized glasses, specially designed for the semi-circular screen. In addition, with the help of special effects, the spectator follows “dynamically” the story represented.

The Fantawild 4D Theater consists of a rectangular structure with fireproof walls and high thermal-acoustic insulation, of approximately 7.10 x 10 meters = 71sqm (capacity 20 seats). The structure is in turn divided into 2 sections:

The technical room (or “control room”) which contains:

The CIG, that is the computer for the digital generation of images on the semicircular screen and the reproduction of music and sounds specifically designed to follow the movement of objects and people on the screen.

The SPECON, that is, the control system of the special effects that act in synchrony with the images.

The air compressor, with its own tank, dryer and various filters.

The water tank.

The performance room which contains:


A semi-circular 180° screen, 3m high with 11m development.

6 professional projectors, in pairs of 2, each covering a 60° angle of the screen. The projectors have a definition of 1280 x 1200 and the screen is covered with a special silver paint for an optimization of the three-dimensional vision.

A set of 6 high-efficiency speakers, conveniently located within the room, which allow you to follow the action on the screen, as it moves along the circumference of the same, thanks to a particular Dolby Digital 5.1 system for perfect reproduction sound.

4 rows, each made up of 5 particular dynamic seats, moved by a centralized compressed air system that allows a vertical descent movement of about 5cm and by a series of electric micro-motors fixed to their base that produce a horizontal vibration, at 10Hz , about 4mm. On the back of each seat and on a special bar placed in front of the first row, there are suitable nozzles that vaporize small sprays of water and others that send puffs of air in synchrony with the image or the scene projected on the screen. In addition, on the base of the seats there are small rubber tubes which, if taken out of the special containers and passed through by compressed air, move in all directions. Being in direct contact with the ankles of the spectators, they give the sensation of a passage of mice, snakes, etc., thus creating hilarious emotions.