Elmac II srl offers a brand new entertainment suitable for the whole family, using the innovative “AR” Augmented Reality technology.
There are 3 interactive videos that take players to various areas of the world and in various eras starting from the era of the dinosaurs to the future of the made with lightsabers. Then there is the encounter with penguins, polar bears, seals, ocelots and fish of all species.
The novelty consists in being able to interact with these animals / fish etc. as if they were really in the hands of the player.

No special goggles or virtual helmets are used so the attraction can be installed anywhere (shopping mall galleries, boardrooms, playgrounds, etc.)


AR Three licensed software

Kinetic 2 and camera


  • Pc
  • Projector
  • Sound system
  • Projection sheet

The PC, if owned by the customer, must possess the minimum technical requirements such as:

  • CORE i5-7400 3.00GHz microprocessor
  • 8GB memory (DDR4 2400 MHz)
  • Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Graphics Card (2GB)
  • Motherboard B250m-D2VX-SI-CF (B250) or similar



  • The AR Three consists of three main videos: Fantasy, Magic and Dinfone which are connected together in sequence with a single duration of approximately:
  • FANTASY 4 ‘
  • MAGIC 5 ‘
  • DINFONE 10 ‘

At the end of Dinfone the program restarts the video from Fantasy and so on.

  •  Using the remote control, which is part of the kit, the manager can interrupt a video in progress at any time and move on to the next.
  • Magic and Dinfone have a predetermined duration (if they are not forcibly interrupted), the Fantasy, which has 4 different games, can be programmed to give them a different duration (but the same for all). Generally it ranges from 1 to 3 minutes each.