Fireball video

Fireball video is an electromechanical device of skill, formed by a wooden and plexiglass cabinet and a base that supports a plate that rotates horizontally around a central pin and which rests on ball bearings to make the rotation uniform. 16 holes of different diameters are made on the external circular crown of the plate: the smaller the hole, the higher its value in points (a corresponding number of tickets is associated with each hole). In the innermost circular crown, however, there are 5 holes, also of different diameters from each other.
Inside the game there is a 42 ‘monitor which only serves as an indication of the tickets won and any Bonus achieved.
The game consists in dropping a ball, held in place by a reel in the upper part of the device, into one of the holes in the plate below.

Dimensions: 84 x 102 x 210(h)cm