spike-1-e1592385017824 Spike


The Spike coin changer is designed and built to withstand theft and break-in attempts.
Thanks to the 2.5mm sheet metal, the robust anti-burglary padlock ring, the internal armored bar equipped with 11 solid equidistant hooks, the predisposition for chain or anchoring tube, and the peripherals interfaced in ccTalk, this machine guarantees high safety performance.

Spike can also be secured to the wall or floor by means of solid steel plates.

Its small size, contained in just 23cm in width, make it the ideal solution for those who want to take a high quality in minimal space.

Spike, with its practical structure, allows you to carry out maintenance operations with absolute ease: the functional capacity extensions for hoppers make the refill of coins particularly convenient.

It is also programmable with intelligent stock management and can be integrated with the Argo remote control system.

Dimensions: cm 23 x 35 x 149 (h)