Go-Go-Pony Go Go Pony

Go Go Pony

A beautiful Interactive Kiddie Ride, with a 19” LED screen and equipped with WINKIDDY for the distribution of tickets.
The child can interact with the game, moving the reins appropriately to make the pony turn left and right and collect the golden stars, accumulating points and thus obtaining extra play time. Pulling the rein, however, can make the pony jump over the various obstacles along the way.
Pressing a bright button, placed in front of the child, increases the speed of the pony, making the game much more exciting!
There are up to 3 different themes to try and up to 8 bold knights to ‘venture’ with (Kelly, Duke, Flory, Barry, etc.). . . all of this offered in completely ‘random’ mode by the CPU !!
Furthermore, thanks to the connection in link with an additional device, the child can take on a real challenge even with his parents!

Dimensions: cm 65 x 139 x 165 (h)