Submarine-Ride- Submarine Ride

Submarine Ride

Those who thinks that the Kiddie Rides are reserved only for very young children … are wrong: technology and inventiveness make them available, with great success, even up to 12-13 years!
The SUBMARINE RIDE is a clear example: the idea was to insert a videogame with a real battle, both aerial and underwater, therefore among submarines or fighter-torpedo boats.
At the beginning of the game, the child will make the choice of the battlefield, according to his curiosity.
The further innovative idea was the application of a ticket dispenser that dispenses a certain predetermined number of tickets for each game. The child is thus gratified with a small prize, therefore, without the anxiety of the competition linked to the score achieved: thus, even the little ones can participate in the Prizes Operation.
The game is equipped with an interactive hydraulic movement that makes all the imposing cockpit move and is equipped with lights and sounds that are nothing short of spectacular that make the device unique!

Dimensions: cm 225 x 150 x 230 (h)