Wizard of Oz 3ply

 With such an “evergreen” title and recognized worldwide … this game deserves to be in an arcade!
 A truly innovative device, in which players can win cards, depicting the characters of the famous original film, and chips; both can be collected and converted into tickets.
 Wizard of Oz is equipped with a joystick and a button. Once the credit has been entered, the players direct the ramp with the joystick and shoot the available coins with the button; the aim is to strategically position the coins on the playing surface, in order to be able to push the cards and chips over the edge to drop them on the appropriate lower compartment, ready to be collected by the player.
 Each shot made turns on a light in the wheel in front of the player; once all the lights are turned on, another game begins, in which a light starts to turn quickly and the player must be able, by pressing the button at the right time, to stop the light on the upper point of the wheel, in order to gain more tickets. .. and other Bonus shots at his own disposal!

Dimensions: cm 200 x 131 x 230 (h)