Fireball Fury

 Baytek is headquartered in Wisconsin, one of the northernmost states in the United States.
 His collaborators go to work early in the morning and go out early in the evening, but do not mind a visit to the various pubs that prepare Happy Hour based on succulent meat stews and lot of beer.
 To pass the time and find “who” offers beer, Baytek has decided to produce a “classic” game, like the Alley Bowlers, but with smaller dimensions, and therefore suitable to take place also in these locations.
Here, then, that instead of the sedentary game of cards, these bold young people play pints of beer with exciting competitions at Fireball Fury, doing gymnastics and disposing of many of the calories absorbed.
Players throw 9 balls on the ramp to score as many points as possible within a time limit. This results in tickets earned. Each target has different scoring values, the most difficult to reach in the upper right and left corners contain the major number of points.

Dimensions: cm 76 x 290 x 203 (h)