Galileo PLUS Standard Ticket Eater

 The new reality produced at ELMAC is certainly the Galileo PLUS Ticket Eater.
 This appliance already contains all the electronic and mechanical features that distinguish the entire Galileo Ticket Eater series produced by ELMAC, but with the addition of an advertising monitor and a latest generation cabinet in plexiglass and aluminum, which can be customized on customer request.
 The Standard version present here is so named as it provides for the use of the normal magnetic card reader for the relative loading of points/tickets inside the customer card.
 Obviously, if the customer is not in possession of the card, at the end of the counting of the accumulated tickets he/she can simply press the PRINT light button and the Ticket Eater will issue a receipt with the total number of counted tickets.
 This machine can be programmed to work with 3 types of tickets: 2-inches (standard), 1.25-inches and 1-inch (half) tickets.

Dimensions: cm 60 x 60 x 196 (h)