• Supply voltage: 230 Vac ~ 50Hz
  • Absorption: 250W
  • Counting speed: ~ 640 tickets / min
  • Bag capacity: ~ 90,000 tickets
  • Printer: Custom TPTCM60 thermal with auto-cutter and automatic ejector ~ 2.400 receipts Badge reader: 3 tracks IS
  • Display external: matrix graphic of points 48 * 8 (dimensions: 24 x 5 cm)
  • Service display: Alphanumeric 16 * 2 characters
  • PC interface: Serial Rs232, 9600 bps
  • Patented mechanical group mod. “GALILEO” / Single-phase motor 220 VAC / 0.6A / Reducer in oil-bath / Self-sharpening helical blades



  • Height: 150 (176 cm with head)
  • Width: 50 cm
  • Depth: 40 cm
  • Weight (with empty bag): 70 Kg

GALILEO PRO Ticket Eater

pegi-7 Galileo PRO Ticket Eater

The GALILEO PRO Ticket Eater counts the tickets and highlights them in a large alphanumeric display, issues a receipt with the sum of the same and the ID of the room, all collected in a 16-digit barcode. In addition, the data, time, serial number and logo of the room are indicated on the same receipt.

Other than the “stand-alone” operation, as indicated above, the GALILEO PRO Ticket Eater also has a magnetic card reader, that provide greater customer loyalty. In fact, the points relating to the counted tickets are collected in a card with a magnetic strip showing the Customer’s identification code; on the colored front of the card is printed the logo of the Games Room, the address, the name of the Awards Operation, etc.
The use of the loyalty card necessarily involves the physical connection, or through wireless equipment, to the ELMAC Ticket Eater Kit, which contains the Customer database, the warehouse stock, etc.; this kit also makes it possible to speed up and make safer all the operations related to the use of Ticket Redemption. For greater security in the use of the loyalty card, on the back of the same is also printed a unique bar code that allows the identification of the Customer even in the event of demagnetization of the magnetic code. The alphanumeric display, of size 24 x 5 cm, contains, by default, a standard message informing the Customer on how to use the Ticket Eater.
The other 32 characters available in the display are used by the Operator to insert an advertising message of his choice, which can be composed either using the buttons on the GALILEO PRO motherboard, or via an external computer.
The messages can be written in any language, including the Cyrillic. All programming of the Ticket Eater can be performed either using the test buttons on the motherboard, for use in “stand-alone” mode with reading the parameters in the display of service present on the card itself, both through the WinMT Management Kit, if the GALILEO PRO Ticket Eater is connected to the same.
The GALILEO PRO Ticket Eater is patented both in the ticket introduction mode (2 cylinders of special rubber that is made to rotate in the opposite direction) and in the ticket cutting (obtained through two self-sharpening helical blades). 
The counting speed is 640 tickets / minute and the collecting bag has a capacity of 90,000 tickets.
The thermal printer is high speed, with built-in cutter. The front graphics can be customized according to the needs of the customer, both in terms of colors and instructions for use.

If the Ticket Eater is connected to the Management Kit, as an option, the installation of a laser barcode reader, in addition to the magnetic stripe reader, may also be included in the GALILEO PRO. In this way you have a double reading of the loyalty card and therefore can also be used cards with only the bar code, as well as, in the Management Kit, the magnetic stripe reader / writer can be saved.