speed-rider-3dx-2ply Speed Rider 3 DX Twin
Speed-Rider-3DX-Twin Speed Rider 3 DX Twin

Speed Rider 3DX Twin

omologato-2023-150x150 Speed Rider 3 DX Twin



  •  Equipped with the motion platform giving you the real experiences of riding a motorcycle
  • Experience the thrills of the immersive racing
  • Real wind pressure fire the passion of ultimate speed
  • Glamorously dazzling revolving lights
  • Links up to 4 seats
  • Real-time full HD screen
  • Scan QR code to promote your store
  • Simulating renowned places across Asia
  • Save your avatar and compete with challengers 
  •  Press the arrow button to select the racing scenes
  • To instantly throttle, players can imitate the way to rise the front wheel of real motorcycles.
  • Press the S button for BOOST
  • Leaning the motorcycle to the left and right end can make turns
  • Body bending can decrease the wind resistance and accelerate the speed
  • Press the left brake for drifting
  • Press the right brake to decelerate

Dimension: 240 x 217.7 x 218.8(h) cm