Tower-of-Tickets-Reload Tower of Tickets Reload

Tower of Tickets Reload

Tower of Tickets Reload 4ply is a 4-player skill electro-mechanical Ticket Redemption.
The Tower of Tickets “reload” is a very interesting ticket redemption, because the quantity and type of cones on the plate is always the same, the rotation speed of the plate is constant just as the rotation speed of the semicircular arms is always the same itself.
The skilful player, based on the position of a certain cone at a given moment, calculating the time it takes to carry out a certain path and knowing the time it takes the end of the semicircular arm to reach the same position as the cone, is able to press the activation button of the arm in such a way that it manages to intercept the cone and accompany it out of the plate and above its Spin Zone, obtaining the relative tickets.

Dimensions: 138 x 138 x 211 (h)