VR-360 VR 360°

VR 360°

VR 360° 1ply is an Interactive Driving Simulator in Virtual Reality.

The device is made up of a seat that rotates 360° to give the player the “roller coaster” effect, two interactive shooting buttons and a 42” monitor on a vertical plane to show spectators what sees the player through the VR headset, along with a 19” tablet used to select the type of game the players want to play.

The player inserts the credit, then selects the type of game to test himself with, sits down on the special seat, fixes his feet with the special Velcro straps, puts on the VR viewer and, using the relative buttons, must try to knock down the various enemies that appear on the screen, during the roller coaster “ride”.

Dimensions: 125 x 210 x 230 (h)