Axe Heroes 2ply is a very impressive and deep Skill Ticket Redemption, suitable for 2-players.
The player inserts a coin or token to get the credit. At start-up, a special treadmill begins to rotate carrying special rubber axes towards the player.
The player’s task is to accurately throw the axes at his disposal towards a special target placed on a vertical plane in front of it and thus obtain the greatest number of points (within a set time limit). This target contains pins useful for holding the axe.
 The player gets more points if he manages to hit the target in such a way that the axe remains attached to it. If, on the other hand, the latter falls, he will receive fewer points. Each of the 2 players has up to three shots available: whoever manages to get the most points wins the most tickets.
When each player finishes their three-throw turn, a dedicated electronic system brings the target’s inner panel in line with the pins, making sure that the remaining axes are dropped onto the treadmill, ready to be picked up by the next player.

Dimensions: 496 x 194 x 235 (h)