Win-Spin Win Spin

Win Spin

Win Spin is a very colorful and funny Ticket Redemption of skill, made of wood and plastic.
The game is equipped with a large wheel that can rotate clockwise or counterclockwise by operating a lever that controls it.
The wheel starts spinning, taking the balls inside it with it. These balls come in two sizes: most are small in diameter and some are larger in diameter.
The aim of the game is to be able to bring the smaller balls into the 4 “pockets” in the central part of the wheel. For each ball that enters one of these “pockets”, the machine will dispense a certain amount of tickets.
The BONUS, or the maximum amount of tickets that the player can get, can be won if the player is able to fill each of the 3 central pockets with 3 balls of the same color or if he manages to bring a large ball into the upper pocket.

Dimensions: 82 x 123 x 275(h) cm