Be Strong

   BE STRONG is a sports-type Ticket Redemption, which measures the time that the player succeeds in remaining suspended from a bar that rotates on itself.
   The structure is completely in tubular iron, with a platform on which the player is positioned, a bar on which the player must place his hands and two monitors to allow players to follow the video instructions/results if they look at the back or in front of the monitor. The game gives audio/video information that “explains” to the player the various steps to be taken to play the game and accompanies the player during the game, with pleasant vocal prompts to hang on.
   Upon inserting credits, the two side buttons activate a motor that allows the descent of a red bar to the position desired by the player and he/she positions himself/herself on the platform, with hands held firmly on the bar.
Special sensors “detect” the correct position of the hands on the bar and a 3-seconds countdown is activated, at the end of which the bar automatically begins to rise and the player remains hanging from it, with his feet above the ground.
The player’s skill is to try to hang on the bar (which is free to turn on itself) as long as possible, to get as many tickets as possible.
If a player exceeds the pre-set time, he wins the Bonus.
If subsequent players fail to exceed this “record”, the game software will decrease this limit by 1 second for each credit inserted, until it reaches the preset value at the setup. It’s possible to setup the game, in order to avoid the winnings of tickets and give to the players different plush or gadgets, if they reach a preset score.
   The game is totally adjustable by video, like any other videogame.