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Blocks Store

   Blocks Store is a very nice Pusher Redemption for 2 players that uses brightly colored plastic bricks (LEGO) as a prize instead of tokens.
   The player inserts credit and presses button 1 to release a ball that slides down a channel in the top wall of the game. During the descent of the ball along the channel, the LEDs illuminate the numbers on the wall both clockwise and counterclockwise and in the center there is an entry hole (Lucky Pocket) above a nice mechanical robot attached to the wall, with arms they open and close at a constant speed. By pressing button 2, the channel through which the ball runs is “pushed” in the player’s direction, allowing the ball to fall along the vertical wall. The aim of the game is to be able to find the exact moment in which the robot’s arms are open, allowing the ball to fall into the hole.
   The moment the ball falls into the Lucky Pocket, the game of LEDs on the numbers stops and the LED on the number that was on at the exact moment the ball entered the hole starts flashing. Depending on the illuminated number, a certain quantity of colored bricks are inserted into the “bumper” in front of the player.
   If the player fails to get the ball into the Lucky Pocket, the device will insert a certain programmable minimum quantity of bricks into the game board (as a courtesy).
    The new blocks inserted will push those already on the floor forward, allowing the ones that were already lying at the edge of the drop hole to fall. Blocks that escape from the floor will fall into the exit box at the bottom of the game, ready for the player to take home.
   Every time a certain number of plays are made (programmable), the device releases a box of constructions (from the side of the game board) … so the player is encouraged to play to try to win the box, together with the individual bricks .
   A wonderful, brilliant and fun game…that excites and delights players of all ages.