Dunking-Star Dunking Star

Dunking Star

Dunking Star is a sporting game of skill, suitable for everyone and which distributes tickets.
It is suitable for two players and can be played solo or in competition.
The game consists in moving the player so that he can pick up one of the balls that go down the right lane of the playing field with his hands.
At this point, by pressing the button, the ball is thrown over the 3 baskets, placed at a suitable distance from the player, which move simultaneously and continuously from right to left and vice versa.
If the ball is thrown at the right moment, it will fall into the chosen basket and the player will accumulate points.
If he manages to make 5 consecutive baskets, he will also win the Bonus
The game is also suitable for a challenge between 2 players, in which the winner receives an extra number of tickets … and if the winner also scores 5 consecutive baskets, he will also win the Bonus.

Dimensions: 125 x 98 x 223(h)