Golden-Golfer Golden Golfer

Golden Golfer

  The Golden Golfer is a sport of skill, suitable for everyone and which distributes tickets. You can play alone or in competition with another player. After inserting the credit, a special mechanism makes a golf ball rise up to the playing level.
 With a joystick, a platform is rotated on which the player’s silhouette is fixed, with its club.
 The club is directed towards one of the 5 holes placed in a semicircle and equidistant from the point where the club hits the ball. Next to each hole there is a flag with a digital display that indicates the points that are won if the ball enters the hole. If the player plays single and manages to hit 5 consecutive holes, he wins a Bonus.
  The game is also suitable for a challenge in competition between 2 players, in which the winner receives an extra number of tickets … and if the winner also manages to hit 5 consecutive holes, he will also win the Bonus.

Dimensions: 125 x 98 x 223 (h)