Genies-Jewel-1 GENIE’S JEWEL


Genie’s Jewels 2ply is a 1 or 2 player skill ticket redemption, very colorful and in perfect Middle Eastern style.
The cabinet consists of a console with two turban-shaped levers and a luminous button and a play area with two different sloping ramps and plexiglass plates that rise as soon as a ball passes and divide the ramp into different areas of winnings, each with a number corresponding to the value in tickets shown on the central display. In addition to this, the game is equipped with a monitor in the vertical plane.
Upon insertion of the credit, the player, using a special lever, releases the ball along the inclined path, the latter will stop its run near a certain plexiglass plate, determining the value in tickets won by the player. The player’s skill consists in measuring the right force to bring the ball to the plaque with the highest number of tickets to win. If the player is able to make the ball stop at the point where “Lucky Wheel” is written on the display, a game starts on the monitor, in which a disc starts spinning and the player, pressing the button stops the disc and wins the game. tickets corresponding to the sector indicated by the pointer. On the disc there is also a sector marked with a diamond. If the player is able to stop the disc 5 times on the diamond, he wins the Bonus, that is the quantity of tickets indicated on the display of the newspaper.

Dimensions: 144 x 217 x 272(h)cm

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