Monster-Warfare Monster Warfare

Monster Warfare

Monster Warfare is a next generation Ticket Redemption; in fact, in addition to the game, it also brings together, in an original cabinet for 4 players, a vast amount of prizes that the player can get directly after acquiring a certain number of tickets.
Basically, it’s a complete “self-service”: play, win, choose the prize and take it, all autonomously!
The player inserts the coin and, by pressing a button located on the console, tries to drop targets (which move clockwise) which are hinged on a circular base and which depict various types of little monsters.
The more targets you shoot down, the more points you win. Based on the points accumulated, the player goes to the small touch-screen located on the console and chooses the prize displayed on the inside of the game with a value of points equal to or less than the number he has won.
The prize drops down and the player collects it at the bottom of the game.
If points are left over, the machine dispenses a number of tickets equal to the points not made.
If you shoot down 4 different little monsters, you win the Bonus.

Dimensions: 158 x 158 x 232(h)