EasyPRobase-1-scaled-e1592389700250 Change Easy PRO

Change Easy PRO

Change Easy PRO is the safe and versatile coin changer that, thanks to its design, is installed easily and integrates well in any type of environment; an even safer and more performing device, thanks to a new generation of peripherals connected in ccTalk.
It is equipped with a banknote acceptor, a new and large display and is equipped with an SD card for the export of all accounting and for the practical function of “machine cloning”, which allows the export of configuration parameters to other machines. Its programming is intuitive and takes place without the use of any external programmer.
The structure is designed to resist over time and is particularly robust against vandal attacks and shoplifting, thanks to the use of thick sheet metal and the lock safety tube with three closing points.
It is supplied with two special bars in special chromed steel which make it even more resistant against burglary. Lastly, keeping small sizes, Change Easy PRO has a large coin capacity thanks to the extension applied to the dispenser.

Dimensions: cm 32 x 35 x 143 (h)