Smart Easy

Smart Easy is a new extremely small coin changer, designed to meet the need for money change where space is limited.

The exclusive coin dispenser makes Smart Easy able to manage up to 6 different coins, allowing the user to choose different change combinations.

As an option you can also request the Comestero RM5 HD coin mech, to make Smart Easy even more versatile and therefore allow the change from coins with a higher value to coins with a lower value.

All installed peripherals are connected using the ccTalk communication protocol, to ensure maximum security against electronic fraud attempts.

Smart Easy is also equipped with a new high-performance electronic board, that allows functions that have become indispensable such as the export of accounting or the possibility of cloning and exporting the configuration parameters from one machine to another, as well as the firmware update and the insertion of additional languages.

The whole is enclosed in a high resistance structure for a high level of protection against tampering; for even higher security, Smart Easy can be equipped with 2 special steel bars to protect the lock and the main compartment.

Dimensions: 28 x 43 x 145 cm (h)