KIDDIE-FIREMAN Kiddie Fireman 2ply

Kiddie Fireman 2ply

Do you want to try the emotion of being a fireman? Then this is the game for you: KIDDIE FIREMAN!
Here is an original Interactive Kiddie Ride, the first with the use of a water jet lance to be directed on the screen, to extinguish as many flames as possible within a certain time limit, in order to earn the most number of points … and thanks to the installation of WinKiddy, a lot of tickets can be won. You can choose between different locations to “save”, for example funfair, buildings, etc. In each scene, in addition to the water jet, you can use fire extinguishers, water cannons, tanks, etc. If you are particularly skilled, you can win extra game time.

Dimensions: cm 112 x 225 x 157 (h)