Galileo-EVO-Imager-Ticket-Eater-testata-e1595931622647 Galileo EVO Imager Ticket Eater with monitor & marquee

GALILEO EVO IMAGER TICKET EATER with monitor & marquee

 In these last years, ELMAC has managed to design and produce several hardware & software modifications that allow Galileo EVO and Galileo PRO Ticket Eaters to use a latest technology laser reader (called Imager) capable of reading a barcode directly from a smartphone screen.
In this way, the magnetic strip reader is also replced mechanically by the Imager.
The barcode on VIP Card can be saved through a dedicated App, for instance “STOCARD“, downloadable from every smartphone.
 In this way, it is possible to store the tickets counted on the PC database, presenting both the card and the smartphone in front of the Ticket Eater’s optical sensor.

Dimensions: cm 60 x 60 x 196 (h)