MANGIATICKET-GALILEO-EVO-768x768 Galileo EVO Ticket Eater

Galileo EVO Ticket Eater

pegi-7 Galileo EVO Ticket Eater

After years of success and the installation of thousands of luminaires worldwide, the GALILEO Ticket Eater has EVO-lved in the version for 2 users. Mechanical and electronics are the same as the tried and tested GALILEO PRO, but the mobile is a ” center-hall “of brand new design with” multicolor “LED lights, walls completely in transparent plexi-glass and frame in specially designed aluminum section. Obviously, there is the maximum choice of external customization with logos, instructions, etc. in the most disparate languages; even the writing of the display, the sounds and the vocal information can be programmed in the most different languages ​​such as Turkish, Arabic, Russian, etc.

Dimensions: cm 60(W) x 60(D) x 183(h)