galileo-small_2 Galileo SMALL Ticket Eater

Galileo SMALL Ticket Eater

pegi-7 Galileo SMALL Ticket Eater

Together with the already known Galileo PRO and Galileo EVO, here is a new model of Ticket Eater: Galileo SMALL. It’s exactly like the Standard one … but in a “portable” version! Other similar machines have two major problems: the tickets are cut “longitudinally”, so the box containing the tickets must be changed very often. In addition to this, there is quite always the necessity for an operator to introduce tickets. This is not at all advantageous, since the maximum satisfaction for a player is to introduce the tickets alone and receive, automatically, the paper receipt! This device solves both problems in an easier and faster way … and it is very useful and convenient for those operators who usually have difficulty in finding space to place the Standard Ticket Eater, but they don’t want to lose the quality and reliability of the Galileo PRO. The tickets are cut into very small pieces and a normal bag can hold up to 50.000 tickets.

Dimensions: cm 30 x 36 x 45 (h)