winmtsql-imager1-1024x733 WinMt SQL Imager Management System

Its main features are:

  • Extreme rapidity in reading the receipts through barcode
  • Total traceability in delivering the prizes to the Customers with relative reports.
  • Customers’ Loyalty through the use of VIP cards for tickets charging operations (directly on GALILEO Ticket Eater) and prizes discharging. The barcode in the card can be installed also in a smartphone, so the customer can also use only it, instead of the card.
  • Computerized management of stock prizes with the use of barcode on each item and with photos, costs, number of tickets to get them and so on.
  • Data security: the data-base reside inside a SQL Micro-server, installed in the location and replicated in the SQL Server Cloud. This guarantees that a copy of all the data-base will be always stored. Moreover. the GALILEO System allows to make the backup of archives, both on a hard-disk installed inside the Micro-server and in the Server Cloud. The SQL Micro-server is always connected to Internet, in order to allow, by remote, its maintenance and, if necessary, to control all the transaction made in the location.
  • Reliability: if, for any reason, the Management PC should be damaged, its replacement is almost immediate. It’s enough that the new PC must have the same technical requirements as the faulty one.
  • Multi-station: the GALILEO System allows also to connect more Client PC, keeping the same response speed on all the PC.

WinMt SQL Imager Management System

 WinMt SQL allows the automatized management of collecting points inside Arcades, FECs, Bowling Centers, etc., through the connection to the GALILEO EVO and GALILEO PRO Ticket Eaters and the use to VIP cards, for customer’s loyalty purpose. The access to WinMt SQL software is provided in the following modes: ADMINISTRATOR, MANAGER or OPERATOR. The ADMINISTRATOR has the complete control of the software, with the access to all the menu and all the available data. The MANAGER has the same right as the Administrator, excluding the access to the Setup Options. The OPERATOR is able to manage only the normal operations of counting points and delivering prizes. The cards are printed by ELMAC, also in small quantity and with logo (4-colors), address location, privacy advertisement, univocal barcode and so on. The software allows to get and export the reports of stock prizes, data base and so on. This software allows, moreover, to order the prizes, by remote, using a special App developed by ELMAC.