galileo-plus-coinless_new-400x1024 Galileo PLUS Coinless Ticket Eater

Galileo PLUS CoinLess Ticket Eater

 The ELMAC Galileo PLUS CoinLess Ticket Eater maintains all the electronic and mechanical characteristics of the well-known Galileo series by ELMAC, with the introduction of the touchless reader instead of the barcode reader, an advertising monitor and a latest generation cabinet in plexiglass and aluminum , customizable on customer request.
 This Ticket Eater is inserted in the LAN of the System and also acts as an interface between the player and the Local Server.
 At the end of the counting, the number of counted tickets appears on the Ticket Eater display.
 By placing the card on the reader, the number of counted tickets is transferred to the customer database and, at the same time, the total number of points accumulated by the customer appears on the touchless reader display (the Ticket Eater sends the number of tickets to the database as soon as counted, the software adds them to those already present and the total number of counted tickets appears both on the Ticket Eater display and on the reader display).
 The touchless reader of the Ticket Eater contains a particular software, which allows customers to transfer “electronic” tickets (those obtained from games in ticketless mode), present in the memory of the card, inside their database, adding them to the ones already in their possession. Furthermore, as in the Totem and in the central cash-desk, the player can check the credits left in the card and the total tickets earned at any time.
 If the customer has not the card, he just presses the illuminated PRINT button and the Ticket Eater issues a receipt with the total number of counted tickets.

Dimensions: cm 60 x 60 x 196 (h)