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Totem Prizes

Totem Prizes, designed and prpegi-7 Totem Prizesoduced by ELMAC, is another very, very important “brick on the wall” inside the Galileo System. In fact, after the WinMt SQL Management Kit (that take under control all the ticket redemption in a location (and the GALILEO Ticket Eater (that allows to count the tickets and charge the points into a loyalty card), Totem Prizes helps the player to choose and book its prizes by himself and very quickly.
Totem Prizes is connected to the Management Kit and shows all the prizes present on stock (and inside the shop-windows of the FEC). The player introduces his loyalty card or paper receipts into the Totem Prizes … and depending on the total points that he has accumulated, it shows the last 36 pictures of the prizes that he can receive with those points. The player chooses by touch-screen the desired prizes and the Totem Prizes prints a barcoded receipt with the list of chosen prizes. With this receipt, the player goes to the operator and asks for the prizes.

If the players has used his own loyalty card, the total points relative to the chosen prizes are deducted from the card, otherwise the Totem Prizes gives a receipt with the change.
With Totem Prizes, the players has also the possibility to charge the points of some receipts on loyalty card … or to get only one receipt as sum of all the previous receipts.

Dimensioni: cm 52(W) x 47(D) x 163(H)

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