winmt-easy-valigia WinMt Easy Management System

WinMt Easy Management System

In order to meet the needs of all those operators who don’t have the need to take the stock under control, ELMAC has realized the new WinMt Easy Management Kit, at a very low cost. This kit allows to speed up the operations of reading receipts and delivering prizes, in addition to providing the printing of the change points and the use of loyalty cards, ensuring the safety of all the operations (for instance, no more fraud through copied receipts). The WinMt Easy Management Kit consists of a suitcase that contains a barcode reader, a printer and a touch-screen PC with Windows 10 installed. In order to use the VIP card for loyalty purposes, the Ticket Eater must be in the Imager version; in this way, the customer can also store the barcode of the card in his smartphone: it’s enough putting in front of the Imager the VIP card or the smartphone and the tickets counted by the Ticket Eater will go directly into the database of the Galileo WinMt Easy software.