WinMt SQL Management System

WinMt SQL Management System

The new WinMtSql program was designed using SQL (Structured Query Language), to manage the large databases of management systems and in particular to insert, query, modify and manage stored data.

The implementation of the WinMt program with this management engine , it transforms the WinMt software into a much more stable program and with the possibility of being used in “multiuser”, that is with more management systems connected directly to the PC server.

Among the various advantages offered by this new software to customers who already own the Elmac management system is that they will also be able to use the PCs already in their possession, because the features and speed of the entire system do not depend on the performance of the existing PC hardware. introduction of the new WinMtSql software allows, among other things, the use by Bowling, FECS, playgrounds etc. customers. of the brand new Galileo App.

Galileo App, developed, like the other software by the Elmac R&D group, allows you to connect via smartphones that have WindowsPhone, IOS, Android mobile systems, at any time of the day to the local server to know, for example, the loyalty points accumulated in the Premium Operation, see the prizes available, book those desired, etc.

On the other hand, the manager of the venue can send messages to all customers for promotions, events, etc. It is possible also book remotely birthday parties, bowling lanes etc ..

In this way the Galileo ELMAC System is at the forefront of the use of modern technology, and of social networks for the purpose of a more profitable use of games and a greater retention of Customer.

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