WinKidd WinKiddy


 Rewarding all customers for their predilection for pure entertainment coin-op and loyalty to a particular location is the mission of the ELMAC aimed, in particular, at the youngest. For this reason, the ELMAC has designed and produced the WINKIDDY, that is, a universal ticket dispenser that can be installed on any Kiddie Rides; the aim is to issue a certain number of tickets (adjustable) for each coin introduced into the device.
 In this way, in addition to the fun for the “ride” on the Kiddie Rides, there is also a “return” of part of how much is spent on the credit, through the free acquisition of a certain number of tickets, which can be realized immediately in a sweet or a small gadget for the child, or there is the opportunity, for the parents, to collect the points and gaining loyalty to that local figure.
 The WINKIDDY is equipped with LED lights that vary in color according to the function it is performing (MULTICOLOR: Demo Mode – WHITE: ticket delivery – RED: finished tickets).
It can also be customized with various types of graphics and has a pleasant sound that alerts the player when he is delivering tickets.

Dimensions: cm 12 x 32 x 32 (h)